The UnMasked “Lagbaja”


I have heard stories, he has tribal marks, he has no eyes, he is half blind. I guess it was high time the legend, lagbaja removed the Mask. Baba Mukoko, i’m still skeptical about this picture, but it’s everywhere on the web so i guess he is the one. After so many years.

He is an apari though.

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  1. lmao!!! from someone who personally knows him, this is 100% not Lagbaja, 100%! The guy on the right is much younger and looks African American.

  2. If na him, y dem no use d cloth wey him wear @ d left pix, take show us say him don remove him mask. Dey showed him with a different cloth wif d mask, and den, still show him wif anoda cloth without d mask. How can dis be tru heh? 2 me ‘m nt convice o. Dat is not him. Hah!i!!