Top 7 Makeup must-haves – By Eva Alordiah


You already know Eva Alordiah, Sexy hot female Rapper from Nigeria. What you probably don’t know already about the talented femcee is her skill as A Professional Makeup artist.

Continue reading to see what Eva considers a must have in your daily Makeup bag, whether you are a beginner, a Professional or just a lover of Makeup.

1. Brushes – I think every woman using makeup should have a good set of Brushes. You can never go wrong when you apply makeup correctly with brushes. A lot of ladies i have worked with, tend to complain about not achieving great results with their foundations and eye shadows. The truth is, even when they have been color-matched correctly, they still don’t achieve flawless results. With Makeup, you are actually an artist, drawing, shading these products onto your skin. Now what’s a good artist without brushes?

Invest in a good set of Makeup brushes today, you’d be glad you did!

**As a Makeup Pro, my favorite brushes are from my Sigma brushset ($150)  You might want to go for alternative essential sets like the Mary Kay or “ELF” sets**

2. Primers – This is one of the many secrets professional Makeup artists pride themselves in. I can’t even do with them. When used correctly, Primers would act as a base for Makeup products, allow for flawless application and help Makeup stay on longer. There are Foundation primers, Eyebase or Eye primer, Lip primers. You might not necessarily want to invest in having all three of these but be sure to invest in a good foundation primer and Eye primer. A foundation primer is a life saver! Your foundation would glide on easily and sink into your skin, and wouldn’t wear out or smear in time. You’d notice your eyeshadow colors pop even more and stay on longer when an eye primer is used before applying shadows. Try it!

**My Favorite Primer to use is the Smashbox Photo Finish primer (About N5,500). If you cannot afford this high end Brand, try foundation and Eye primers from “Mary Kay” (Less than N2,000 each)

3. Brow Pencils – I swear by my eyebrows! A lot of people question me all the time how i manage to have them so flawlessly groomed all the time. I have to go on over and over how i do them. Early on in life i understood how important perfectly groomed eyebrows were and i have never looked back. Having neatly groomed/tweezed eyebrows would not only frame your face, it would help make your eyes pop! But tweezing your eyebrows is just the first step. When applying your makeup, fill in your brows carefully along the natural brow hairs to create an illusion of fuller, more defined brows. Pencil color choices would range from light brown to very dark brown depending on your skin tone.

The technique of doing this is relatively easy, BUT i assure you, if you take your time to get it right, you will!

4. Bronzers –  For a healthy warm glow, a good bronzer is a must have in your bag! If you already understand the concept of facial contouring and adding definition to your pretty face, then this would interest you even more! There are two ways i use the bronzer, for adding definition to the cheeks when contouring (Matte bronzer) or for adding a glow to highlight areas of the face (Shimmer bronzer)

**My fav to use are the “Black Radiance”(N900) and “IMAN”(N3,000) Bronzers**

5. Strip Lashes – As tricky as this sounds, i can assure you it is one of the easiest things to do! This is one majaor difference between your Makeup and that of your favorite celebrity. You have to, i implore you, get a couple pairs of lashes in your makeup bag! You could go from pretty to super glam in a matter of seconds! And i can’t stress how so so so EASY it is to do. Strip lashes are a lot different from the cluster lashes which have become quite popular in recent times. The difference however is while the cluster/single lashes are fixed one at a time, Strip lashes are fixed once! It a tiny row of lashes already held on a strip band which you just place easily on the upper lash line.

And depending on the look you are going for, there are several lengths, volumes and sizes to choose from!

**My fav to use are the Ardell Lashes”. Lashes could cost you between N300 – N2,000 depending on what brands you choose from**

6. Clump-Free Lengthening/Volumnizing Mascara – Mascara thickens as it’s exposed to air over time, which leads to clumps. If yours is goopy, toss it! Or try a different brand. Also, if you have had the same Mascara for over 8months, toss it. Depending on what brand you buy, Mascara can lengthen or add volume (or both) to your lashes. This is your best bet to having longer lustrous lashes especially if you can’t get lash extensions on. The trick is to wiggle your mascara wand and pull from the bottom of your lashes working your way to the top. If you notice clumping of lashes as you do this, wiggle your wand left to right to loosen them.

**Good affordable picks would be “Sleek’s LASH OUT Mascara and the “MaryKay Ultimate” Mascara (Both about N2,000)**

7. Perfect Eyeliner – One of the basic things to do to make your eyes pop effortlessly is to draw in seamless perfect lines on your upper and lower lash lines. For dark skin tones, Dark browns to Black colored eyelining pencils work perfectly. You have to have a good reliable eyeliner. This isn’t something to go cheap on because the cheap ones tend to be clumpy and wear off in a short time. You want to have sharp true-staying color and you want to be able to draw your lines seamlessly without having to go over them again and again thereby creating a smudge.

There are Pencil liners, gel liners, cream liners, Liquid liners, Khol liners, Kajals and many more to choose from. If you are a beginner your best bet would be a pencil liner, so you can control the product/color that gets on your eyes.

I have recently fallen inlove with the Kajal liner. Once in a while i use a Kajal to create very deep black lines.

**My fav right now would be the “Maybelline Master drama liner”**

Maybelline Master Liner

QUICK TIP: If you are not so crazy about Makeup as such but would still want to transform your face from Droopie to Yaaayy, here’s my favourite no-makeup look tip.

“On a freshly cleaned face, apply a little coat of your facial moisturizer or cream. This would help soften fine lines and creases. Ensure that your face isnt to shiny however, what you want to achieve is fresh-face! Now apply a coat of powder all over your eye areas to matte them out, apply powder over your brows too to dry them. Next fill in your (already tweezed) eyebrows using a good brow pencil. Now you have perfect brows on a fresh face.

To pump this look up a little more, you could do either or all of the following

-Line your Eyes with a dark brown or black eye liner, ensuring to create the thinnest sharpest lines possible.

-Apply two coats of mascara to give volume to your natural lashes.

-Use Strip lashes to pop your eyes even more

And you are done! I hope you enjoyed this. Let me know your thoughts and what products you swear by. Tweet at me @EvaAlordiah and lets get talking!

If you liked reading this post, state your views by making comments below. Here are a few of Eva’s professional works as a Makeup Artist.



  1. Eva this is good of you of you to share with us.I especially like how you give cheaper alternatives for the products. For someone like me who lo but can’t even invest so much money, this is good info

  2. Eva thanks so much for this infos. M not a make up freak buh this has given me insight on what n what not to you loads for this

  3. I just love these tips! I’ve always been scared of individual lashes cos the glue hurts. Strips are definitely the better option and look more natural. Also the foundation primer. I’ve never thought to use that. Would definitely try it.
    My favorite thing about professional makeup is how your skin could just look flawless!

  4. Eva is like my makeup role model.She makes it so easy and fun! Infact I’v been trying to enroll in her makeup classes. She’s really tight! From the brows to the eyeshadow application to the lip.she’s good! And a rad rapper too.

  5. she is d best loads of talent in this gurl thank god dis aint twitter so i can write as much as i want to..i rili luv u nd ur music dey way u entertain and now u just made me ur freak by making me noe u are a makeup artist damn u soo good…soo creative ..infact ..eva rocks

  6. Hi the strip lashes posted look good, but I have come a across an even better range…. Feathers & Furs eyelash brand has created a range of Mink Fur, Fox Fur, Squirrel Fur amd Feather eyelashes. Such glamorous lashes have only been available to celebrities such as the Kardashians, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and Lindsay Lohan, but now we can buy them too!!!! They really are amazing they are hand-made, and have the rich, velvet-like appearance unlinke the synthetic lashes, like the ones posted. Visit to see that range for yourself.

  7. I am obsessed with makeup brushes. love trying different ones and use a bunch when applying makeup. Thanks for the great tips.

  8. Geeee! Thanks darlings! Your comments make this worth it, I’m so glad I could share.
    As for Strip lashes, remember, whatever brand you decide to buy, you can re-use over and over again as long as you take care of them. Strip lashes only damage when the lashes pull off the strip, when the strip band breaks or when there’s a lot of clump from so much mascara from overtime usage. Make sure to use a good lash glue too!

    Have fun with Makeup! If you need help pls mail us at

    Love, Eva

  9. I have always been fascinated by how set of brushes, talc of different hues and colours can transform the human face. I hope I will one day summon courage, give myself the opportunity to study this art which most people think is not meant for a dude like me.

  10. Very beautiful and important writeup Eva.I think you had me in mind when you were writing this.I’m a proud Alordian and I’l heed to your advice.Kuddos diva.

  11. I am a make-up freak. Ihope to do it professionally someday. Its very difficult getting good brushes in nig and as 4 d sigma brushes would so love 2have dem. If u know any distributor pls let me knw. Also, wt glue can I use for the strip lashes as it is impossible to get duo adhesive glue in nig. Thanks so much 4 d info. I’m literally in love with ur music! Xx

  12. Eva you’re simply awesome. Thanks for all the simple but useful tricks. Strip eyelashes make my eyes pop! But I simply don’t know how to get them on myself. And I swear by Mary Kay products!

  13. I’m a huge make up fan and I learned from Eva. Trust me, she’s the best. The things I can do now with make up in such short time is really amazing. She inspires me. And even though I learned from her, these tips are helpful

  14. Eva those are useful information for the pro and non- pro makeup loversh. Thanks for sharing.