New Music: Rapture – Jesus Igwe Ft Kelly Hansome + Rapture [Remix] Ft Mr Raw


Luciano Records is on the news again! This time they have Rapture, Mr. Raw and Kelly Handsome on the caption Rapture is a singer that writes his songs on rhymes just like rappers. let me show you what I mean with few of his lines on the track “Rapture Remix” feat. Mr. Raw “Go study all the book of Zachariah, na the some prophet dey for Nehemiah go ask prophet Josiah you too fit be like Jeremiah what about Abraham and Sarah shey be na d same God give them their want you too fit be like messiah” Listen for yourself to feel what Mr. Raw did with his sick flows. “Rapture Remix” and “Jesus Igwe” are very nice songs a very catchy chorus that you can’t resist to dance to.

Jesus Igwe Ft Kelly Hansome

[audio:|titles=Jesus Igwe Remix Ft Kelly Handsome]


Rapture [Remix] Ft Mr Raw
[audio:|titles=Rapture Remix ft Mr. Raw]