Makeup -To Blush or not to Blush?


So you ask yourself, “Do i need to wear Blush?” This has been a constant worry with black women. Then there is the question of, “What type or shade of blush would suit my skin tone?” The truth is, the list is endless! Because black women have complexions that range from light to dark, it’s not easy to just choose one color that will suit all of them.

I think there’s something quite charming and attractive about a beautifully applied blush that can’t be replaced by anything else in a makeup routine. Even with no other makeup on, it brings a liveliness to the face that I really adore.
There are plenty of techniques used to give us that effervescent, lit-from-within glow that we all seek but I’ve found one which is easy to master while helping to slim and contour the face at the same time…When looking at blush shades, select the colors that are most compatible to the complexion. While darker skin won’t have that “rosy glow” that very fair skin has, you can still highlight great cheekbones with the right shade of blush!

The key trick here is doing it right using the right tools and products. When choosing blush colors, you can use almost the same considerations when choosing lipstick colors. You probably won’t have as wide of a range as you do with lip colors, however. Just make sure your blush is a complementary makeup for your skin tone.
Light: If your complexion falls into the light range of dark skin tones, you’ll look best in blush shades such as:

  •     Pale peach
  •     Coral
  •     Light pink
  •     Light bronze

Medium: For women with medium brown complexions, try blush colors like:

  •     Peach
  •     Bronze
  •     Light to medium pink
  •     Light red

Dark: If your skin tone is dark, use blush shades such as:

  •     Bronze
  •     Red
  •     Deep pink or fuchsia
  •     Plum


The right type of Blush?

Should you go with powder or cream blush? In general, women with normal to oily skin should use powder blushes, while normal to dry skin can use powder or creams.

Purchase some quality blush brushes. A blush brush is the best choice; never use a small, cheap brush. If you use a cheap brush, you’ll have a cheap looking result. Avoid makeshift items such as cotton wool balls or powder puffs as these do not work well with the pigment in the blush

Apply blush last. If you’re planning to wear full makeup, don’t apply blush until the rest of your face is complete.

Learn Proper placement

For the most natural look, begin your blush application at the top of the apple of your cheek. The idea is to deposit most of the pigment “where rosiness would first appear naturally, if you were simply flushing”. If you can’t see where that spot is, smile to push the apples up. Then, placing the color on the part that lies directly below your pupil, blend outward, toward the ear. If you accidentally apply too much powdered blush, cover it with translucent powder to tame the color. Excess cream can be blotted with a tissue. If you overdo it with a gel, wash it off and reapply sparingly.






Not Comfortable with Blush? Try Bronzer!

Bronzer isn’t only for making fair complexions look like they just came from the beach with a lovely glow. African American women can use bronzer as a blush and have it look like a natural highlighter.
As a general rule, darker skin tones look good in golden or bronze colors. A bronzer can give your cheekbones a subtle glow. It won’t be that rosy hue (which many Black women don’t naturally have anyway), but a very natural look. Make sure you use a light hand when applying bronzer; instead of only focusing on the cheeks, lightly dust bronzer anywhere the sun would naturally hit your face, such as the hairline, down the center of your nose and on top of the cheeks.

Here are a few Makeup Brands you should try for Blush!

So there you have it! Quick easy tips to help you with your blush makeup decisions.

Remember, Buy some good quality Makeup brushes. That’s your first step to apply Makeup like a PRO!




  1. I use blush from sleek. Don’t really like it much. But after reading ur post I think its becos I don’t apply it properly. Thanks for posting. Helped a lot

  2. OMG! Its like you took the thot right out of my head. I’m going to the UK next week n one of my to-do is a lot of makeup shopping.I was just browsing the net now for the best blush for dark people and your post came up. So nice.I have learned some more from u