Apply Eye Makeup like A PRO!


To apply eye makeup correctly you have to begin working with the right tools. Do you have a good eyeshadow brush? A great eye shadow palette? Do you have a proper eye primer? A ceaseless eye lining pencil? A great mascara to lengthen your lashes? Great! then let’s get you started!

Your eye makeup generally begins with properly groomed eyebrows. Ensure to seek professional help with this at least once every couple of weeks if you cannot correctly tweeze or groom your brows yourself. A typical brow service from a pro could cost you between N100-N500 but it is always worth every kobo!

So! You have prepped your face ready for your eye makeup and your foundation and powder looks great. You have also Filled in your brows with a good brow pencil in shades of brown?

-Next Apply Eye primer on eye area to prep it for eye shadow application. Using a primer every time before your eye makeup helps colors/products set in effortlessly, you have longer staying eye makeup and your colors look sharper.

-Using a good eye shadow brush, apply a brighter eye shadow all over your eye area to create a base and highlight, working from directly beneath your eyebrows down and all over your lid.


-Next apply a darker toned eyeshadow, one that doesn’t seem to far apart in color tones from your first color. Now spread this evenly working with your brush all over your lid, shading a little further up towards your brows. This way you create some contouring effect which builds a warm definition to your eye makeup.

-Want a new shade of shadow? Shade this all over the outer corners of your eye, creating a kind of ‘V’ working slowly from the outer corner of your eyes, slowly into the center.

-Now, apply a soft thin coat of eyeliner. To do this correctly, ensure that you are as close as possible to your lashes and you are drawing the thinnest line possible from one end of the eye to the other. If you cannot handle a liquid liner because of smearing, use a Kohl liner or a Soft pencil liner

Want to avoid looking overly done?

Do not line your lower lid directly with the liner. Instead, grab the color from the pencil tip or a warm brown eye shadow using a smudge brush or tip application and dab this on your lower lid. This would help create a smudge effect of color without having sharp straight lines of pencil.

Finish up with mascara and you are done!

Easy right?