How to Fix your Lashes! By Yourself! Easy quick Tips

Kim Kardashian

So you want to have the best looking lashes without breaking the bank or having to go to a Professional all the time. Or maybe you are thinking twice about even having lashes on cause you have seen girls the most ridiculous things do with their fake lashes. From sore baggy-looking eyes, to half-closed glue filled lids. OuccCH! Bad.
Well the good news is, if you follow this quick easy steps I’m about to share with you, you can have instant beautiful lashes without any worries!
Having your eyelashes extended by wearing fake extensions would instantly make your eyes pop, bringing a warm inviting glow around the eyes and making you look like a Celebrity!

Goldie rocking Full lengthy lashes for Photography and Fashion

This is what Movie and Music stars have in common that make them stand out at events, on the carpet and in their photos.
Nigerian Pop-Diva Goldie is know for her extremely long lashes. Those are the kinds Celebrities use in their photos, Videos and general image.  Other Nigerian Divas who are know for their beautifully done makeup and Lash extensions include Tiwa Savage and Genevieve.
Now, there are quite a number of Mascaras that would help give volume and length to your natural lashes, but what eyelash extensions do is even more outstanding.
If you are a night-walker and party animal and love to get your face popping in all the photos, have your lashes done properly and see how much different you would look from your friends.
Yes i know! In Nigeria, especially with Lagos babes, the trend with eyelashes is freaky and quite a gory sight sometimes. That’s because most of these girls get their lashes done from ‘non-professionals’ using the wrong tools, wrong products and awfully wrong techniques.

There are basically 2 kinds of eyelash extensions, the Cluster/Single lash kind and the Strip Lash kind.
Cluster lashes are glued into your natural eyelashes one after the other until desired volume is achieved. They can stay on for usually one week and at most two.

Cluster Lashes
Cluster Lashes

But the Strip lash is a wear and take out kind. That means you pull off right after use. And you can re-use your strip lash at least 5times over and again if you don’t damage it with mascara, glue or makeup.

Strip Lash

Cluster/Single lashes are generally difficult to do yourself. You’d need a seasoned professional to help you. But thats not why we are here! I want you to do this yourself, and as many times as you want to! They come in varying lenths, volumes and colors. Want some good news? You can buy a pack of Very good Strip lash for just N300!
Lets get started. You’d need:
-Strip lash  -Tweezer    -Lash Glue/Adhesive    -Makeup remover wipes/Dap cloth    -Mascara

  • What you are going for isn’t the Lady gaga look or the Goldie inspired lash. You want to look Elegant but still sane, like a Diva but not trashy and not looking like you are wearing a costume. So when buying your strip lashes, ensure your are selection one of proper length and volume to suit your desired overall look.
  • You generally would want to fix your lash when you are done with your makeup, that way you do not have powders and eyeshadows spilling on your lash. It is more difficult trying to apply products when you have lashes on.
  • So, you have your makeup perfectly done and you have applied your eyeliners like you normally would on the top lash line of the crease.
  • My favorite Glue to use is the DUO Lash glue! Its staying power is amazing and you can choose between the clear colored glue and the dark colored on. whatever your preference, apply a very thin coat of glue evenly along the base/strip of your lash, using a tweezer or your fingers to hold the lash


  • Now place your lash on your lid, making sure that the strip of the lash with the glue holds firmly along the upper lash line where you would normally apply eyeliner. You would be working from the inner corner of the eye outwards to the outer corner of the eye as shown in the diagram below
Strip Lash
  • To know if you have placed your lash correctly, look closely to check if your natural lashes fall closely into the new extensions. If you can see an obvious gap, then you have remove the lash and place it again as close as possible to the natural lash line of your eyelids.
  • When you cannot see an obvious gap/space between your natural and fake lash then you have done the right thing!
  • Now apply a coat of liquid liner directly on your upper lashline where thestrip lash is sitting. This would mask out any obvious spaces and make your lash placement even more natural.
Face chart
Face Chart
  • Last thing to do, apply Mascara, as you normally would. The intent is to use mascara to hold your naturally lash in place against the new ones, working from the bottom to the top!

And there you have it! Easy, Quick and an absolute beautiful finish!
Got questions? Post them in the Comment section below and i will answer all promptly!


  1. How can i get pink lips that’s ….do u do it? Av done em b4 buh it was fake very fake they gave me injury and pains still nothing very anoying thou

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  3. Thanks for this, it’s very interesting and i will like to try it. …. I will let you know how it goes. … Thanks so much God bless you real good.