EME Star Skales Involved in Major Car Accident

Photo from the scene

EME star Skales yesterday was involved in a ghastly car accident that claimed the life of one of his friends. The rapper made it out alive but his friend, designer of iRep tee-shirts, Syntillate, died in the accident.

From all indications, Skales is doing fine and he had this to say on his twitter page “God is 2 merciful…he has neva failed!!! He saved ma life so ama giv him all d praise…so happy 2 see anoda day!!!

Reports say Syntillate ended up under the Jeep after the it flipped. The others riding jumped out.

Sad news for the family of Seun “Syntillate Gafar as it can’t be easy losing someone during the festive season.

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Image Source: Lindaikeji.blogspot.com


  • Kay

    Thank god

  • wale2

    This guy is not even bothered about his friend that died, he is just speaking like an idiot.

  • Giddy

    Skales is a lucky guy and should b grateful to GOD for d rest of his lyf…

  • mariam

    R.I.P syntilate. So sad :(

  • Sobukola david

    Its quite unfortunate seun is dead,bt he(skales)does nt ave any human feelins,nt at all.dats bd

  • Samy j

    R.I.P….syntilate”. yet anoda accident.???

  • Akpako

    api 4 u,buh u didn’t sounded as if d death of ya fwend pained u… Nawao

  • 2ways 4chitz

    we all hv 2 b greatful 2 God almighty

  • khunlay

    RIP seun gafara and to skales ‘am sure u still av enuf hit banger,dats y God left u…..

  • dj lizz

    thank god for u skales but u dont have human feeling at all u are thanking god for self what of ur guy who died in d accident guy is on fair oooooooooooooo

  • ben

    Skalez u b ful, wat abt later syntillate, u tink itz jst abt u alone. Ur jst so lucky…

  • ben

    Skalez u b ful, wat abt later syntillate nd d oda guyz in d vehicle, u tink itz jst abt u alone. Ur jst so lucky…

  • ben

    Skalez u b ful, wat abt late syntillate nd d oda guyz in d vehicle, u tink itz jst abt u alone. Ur jst so lucky…

  • Sirgeebaba

    Thank God 4 u guys,may d gentle soul of gafar rest in peace.skales is a smal boy,is too juvenile so guys 4give him cos is a slip of tongue.u knw say e no easy to c death,he’s confused dats y,u skales go n retweet.to coret ur messege.

  • tgirl

    the guy is only grateful to God for his life……of course he would feel bad but do u expect him to start throwing words at God becos his friend died. may be u should stand in front of a moving car and if u get out alive lets hear what u have to say…… dont just judge people especially if you only heard a single statement they made

  • Doc

    Huh!!!& some1 tWeeted about seing d EME boiz perform in d Calabar carnival,& also rockin d nite life from 1 club 2 anoda(includin dis boy scales).if dis is true…shame on d whole EME crew,if i cud i’d call for a boycott of er’thing to do wit dem

  • Zonkwa

    Skales is just a small boy,