Bubbling Under | Tasti – Magic Carpet Ft IBk SpaceBoi


We Introduce You Tasti another fantastic bubbling artiste, he is here with Magic carpet which features IBK Spaceboi ( Winner of the Donjazzy’s Enigma competition). Everybody always have a wish, Tasti’s wish is a Magic carpet, cool song and a bonus of his previous track. Enjoy~

He began his journey into music as a singer then later evolved into afro hip-hop. Like other rap artists he started out as a 2pac/Notorious BIG fan but also wanted to become the next James Brown or Michael Jackson.

His interest for music started at a tender age but he began to take it seriously during his time in university. He has a BSc. in Business Administration from Babcock University but prefers to focus his energy on the development and utility of his musical talent. It was at Babcock University he began to harness his talent in rap and ear for music and released “JA SI”, “Taste It”, “Ginger Me”, and “Shokulushoko”. He is now ripe and ready to take on the Nigerian and African entertainment industry.

Tastis’ style of rap is unique, fun, and edgy. He is an independent artist but a member of Trip City (a new generation entertainment society which also includes Sukiyaki). Tasti has recently been working with major producers such as Hcode (producer of sause kid’s na me be fine boy), Ex-O (producer of wonberi knight house) and has some works that will be released under the body of Trip city. They include “SHON SUN” [Yoruba word meaning “are you sleeping”] featuring Sukiyaki and Tunde J and “Do the Dance”. He was also featured in Hcode’s hit debut single “IWO NI” Take a listen to his new tracks and enjoy music that you won’t hear by anyone else.

Produced by IBK spaceshipboi
[audio:http://www.jaguda.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Magic-carpet-ft-ibk-spaceboi.mp3|titles=Magic carpet ft ibk spaceboi]

BONUS – Mary and Me
[audio:http://www.jaguda.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Mary-me.mp3|titles=Mary & me]