Kate Henshaw & J-Martins On Cover of Complete Fashion Magazine


The lovely Kate Henshaw and the modern day high-life King, J-Martins grace the cover of the latest edition of Complete Fashion Magazine.

Kate discusses how she has managed to stay in tip-top shape all these years, and expresses her dislike of a “big belly.” “A big belly on anybody is a definite No No.” On the flipside J-Martins talks about his sense of fashion and also the birth of his music career.

The latest edition is out in stores so be sure you grab a copy.


Image source: http://chizys-spyware.blogspot.com

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  1. Wait. That's J Martins??????????????????????????????????????????? Hot damn! He looks great!!! Why didn't I know he looked this good? Love the way he looks. I mean, it's such a clean look. I like it. He looks like my future husband. LOL.

    Kate Henshaw looks fab!! I've missed seeing her in movies.