Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria 2011 Contestants



It’s that time again. The Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria Pageant is here once again, and we have our 34 contestant ready to go. The finale of the show will be held at Eko Hotel & Suites on June 25th 2011.

This is one of those moments when you’re reminded how beautiful Nigerian women are. Very beautiful women representing all regions in Nigeria.

Winner of the MGBN pageant will represent Nigeria in the Miss World 2011 in London come November 6, 2011.

Check out the contestants. Who do you think will win? I can’t seem to pick just one myself.

Miss Abia - Gabriella Ndu
Miss Abuja - Tessy Maduko
Miss Adamawa - Nwando Ebeledike
Miss AKWA-IBOM - Kome Osalov
Miss ANAMBRA - Ify Jewana
Ms BAUCHI - Chantelle Unachukm
Ms BAYELSA - Sophie Jewal
Ms BENUE - Josephine Igochie
Ms BORNO - Gbemisola Shotade
Ms CROSS RIVER - Agotha Eri
Ms DELTA - Chidebe Joyce
Ms EBONYI - Delphine Okaban
Ms EDO - Onabu Obehioye Liliane
Ms. EKITI - Awettada Ovoke
Ms. ENUGU - Obioma Isiwu
Ms. GOMBE - Jennifer Igwegbe
Ms. JIGAWA - Eneka Gloria
Ms. KADUNA - Olanide Aroguma
Ms. KANO - Deborah Enebeli
Ms. KATSINA - Kenechukm Offiah
Ms. KOGI - Okafov Ohichi
Ms. KWARA - Ngwu Oganna Linda
Ms. LAGOS - Grace Ndaw
Ms. NASARAWA - Menkiti Sylvia
Ms. NIGER - Amanda Simon
Ms. OGUN - Ige Temifope
Ms. ONDO - Tobi Banjoko
Ms. OSUN - Metu Kelechi
Ms. OYO - Florentina Nneka Agu
Ms. PLATEAU - Onaja Lovette
Ms. RIVERS - Mitchelle Ijeh
Ms. TARABA - Sylvia Nduka
Ms. YOBE - Lotachukm Ugwu
  • jae

    not to be rude but what are some of these girls doing on the list, i know beauty isnt the only criteria but it sure is one of the most important requirement. and i'm not saying they are not beautiful but i don't consider them fit for this competition. especially to compete on an international platform.

  • mariettahermosa

    @ writer, you can't seem to pick one?!!! are you kidding me?!!! not meaning to diss anyone, and i'll try and be lenient with my comments, these girls lack, LACK the training, the beauty talent to participate in a very very important competition. i mean, you mean to tell me that one of these girls will go be picked as MBGN 2011 and then go on to compete for the MIss world crown? your joking right?? you gotta be joking? either that or you blind. yep, thas wat it is, y'all are blind! But, BUT if i had to pick maybe ms. abia or ms rivers!!! AAARGGGHHH!! i really can't do this….you kbnow wat scratch that, just start the search all over again!! just go look for new girls…PLEASE!!! don't let this be an adaeze igwe or MBGN 2010 repetition….please!! there's gotta b an agbani out there!! there can't be only one!!

  • mariettahermosa


  • mariettahermosa

    just wrong!!! ….admin deleted my last comment…so all im gonna say is WRONG…AND BLIND!!

    • jagudaDotCom

      Apologies. Your comments automatically went to our spam folder for some reason. We didn't delete intentionally. Issue rectified :)

      • mariettahermosa

        thx Jaguda :)!!

  • creme

    lol lol @jae..i think miss Bayelsa is pretty hot..most of them will look better after a week of pampering at the are these selections done cos i dont understand why miss Akwa ibom is called kome,thats an urhobo name.

  • hottest

    Me I can't call anyone ugly, but SEARIOUSLY!?!?!

    Why are Igbo girls Chosen in some hausa and Yoruba states? If some of these Hausa girls actually are chosen, As in.. I can bank on one of them having a high chance of winning Miss world. Wait wait, before you jump on me, I'm not saying Yoruba or Igbo girls can't win, because I'm Yoruba myself, I just mean it would be nice if we have more variety and include Hausa girls. There are beautiful hausa girls in their land now.. must we leave them out of this? Not all of them are muslims who can't compete you know?

    Anyway sha.. If I must choose somebody to represent Naija on a world level amongst this list, I'll go for Miss Ekiti, Bayelsa, Oyo or Uhmmm Gombe..

    And whoever is chosen, please they should consider using clear eyes eyedrops for all of them.. they have red eyes.
    Anyway sha.. after a real make up artist works on them, and they've been pampered, I am sure they will all look extraordinary sha..

    • Rania

      Unfortunately, hottest, in hausa culture, girls don’t believe in exposing themselves- in fact you hardly see muslim countries sending contestants to miss world or miss universe. I don’t know what most of these girls on the list are doing in this pageant but I will give the organisers the benefit of doubt- it is possible that the photographer they used was not a good one

  • @sholafaleti

    That miss Ogun no try at all..

  • meeeeee

    Ibo girls are fine. #shikena. notice how about half the contestants r ibo and they r the finer contestants too.

  • Bre

    Sorry oh but I don’t understand why Igbo girls are representing half of the country? I am Igbo but I must say this is a poor selection of beauty in the country.

    At this rate we will never win any international pagent.

  • ify

    where is miss imo?? nd wow these girls lolll not nice at all at all

    • lady

      hahaha, i was just thinking the same thing. only a handful off the bat i can say are pretty but the rest ehhhhhhh

  • Uchechi

    where is Miss Imo State?/

  • jonathan




  • meesuzkay

    some of these girls are really just off…i think they picked them exclusively for kicks…
    And for real…only Ibo girls in Nigeria?????

    V12 all the way…

    Miss Taraba is ever so graceful too…

    May the best lady win…

  • fredie

    how do guys did the selection because this girls are too old for me,from there face you can tell that their old ladies.if i should choose a winner i will say miss bayelsa is good to go

  • kelechi

    No single gurl from the north, ibo gurls i tire for una,

  • udeagha emmanuel

    beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,among this beautiful contestants i think few are outstanding like miss enugu,miss gombe and miss bayelsa but i think miss gombe is the lady to beat

  • kennyoged

    Where are the beautiful ladies in Nigeria?

  • timilehin

    The miss oyo is the most urglyest person i have ever seen.

  • timilehin

    The miss oyo which is been nominated is the uglyest person ave ever seen.

  • Daniel

    Na wao me i no see who fit for this list pls luk for hausa bcos the beauty of our is there to find

  • hurol

    sorry but
    I couldnt see any beautiful one on that list
    my gf is beautiful more all of them really I m not joking
    I confused
    sorry but in actually except 2 all of them ugly

  • shatu

    wht on earth is dis? kano gals re far more beautiful than dat plsssssssssssssssss change dat

  • solomon zeno

    wow! am impressed. contestants, you all look great. keep it up,yes.

  • Stanley

    I pity u people who have no eye to see the beauty clearly…i have see many beautiful girl every where but in edo,there are among of them is more beautiful dat i ever die me i prefer miss edo is the best but about 95% of igbo girls are uglyest..hausa and yoruba girls have good looking face…