Music: Klever Jay Ft Reminisce – Friend or Foe + You Too Much


Check out this new track from Mr koni koni love, klever jay. After he dropped his last single on valentines day called “African lady” now he brings us you too much and friend or foe featuring rapper, reminisce. i like the way reminisce can flow in english if he chooses to and yoruba as well. Nice track, Choose your friends wisely.



Friend or Foe ..

[audio:|titles=001-WAZBEAT Clever J sngm-WAZBEAT Clever J sngm]

You Too Much….
[audio:|titles=Klever Jay – Too Much]



    I quite agree with U and I’ve alerted the person who posted it. He’s promised to edit it and I hope he does cos it really is uncalled for but I guess humans are not perfect. Let’s just say he made a mistake tho professional mistakes are very costly but still, let’s leave it at that. With that said, Reminisce is one of the very best we have in terms of original rap in Nigeria (quote me anywhere). Thanks Fazillion for standing up to the truth. God Bless.