Miss Nigeria 2010, Ngozi Odalonu At The 2010 Miss Universe Pageant


The 2010 Miss Universe Pageant will be aired live on August 23rd, 2010 at the Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The prelims were held over the past couple of days, and here is Nigeria’s representative, Ngozi Odalonu. Check out pics from the presentation segments.

Ngozi Odalonu, Miss Nigeria 2010, poses in her national costume at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada August 16, 2010.
Miss Nigeria Ngozi Odalonu poses for the judges in an evening gown of her choice during the 2010 Miss Universe Presentation Show at Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada August 19, 2010.
Miss Nigeria Ngozi Odalonu poses in her national costume for a pre-taped segment of the Miss Universe 2010 competition at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada August 18, 2010.
Miss Nigeria Ngozi Odalonu poses in her national costume for a pre-taped segment of the Miss Universe 2010 competition at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada August 18, 2010.

Source: nigeriansfornigeria.org

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  1. The babe is average ooo… not that fine, but I guess Pageants are not all about looks… good luck to her shA

  2. No offense but is ds d best 9ja had to offer….

    I mean in brains n stuff. i dont even want to start wt d physicals…

  3. she is beautiful, but not on the miss universe level. I cant believe this, I have seen more beautiful girls in the streets of ilorin than this pretty woman. I dont want to insult her, but ever since the last miss nigeria won miss universe, we have been looking for ladies who resemble her and we have been failing and choosing all these copies, that are nothing like the original except in thinness

    • u guys so dumb to b atracted to d physical only,uve forgoten dat pictures can b deceptive at tymes,u should try to meet d girl in person before u conclude.even wit all uve said about her she treid her best to be amongst d top 20.so u all can go to hell nd burn to ashes

  4. She's not sooo bad looking… U guys need to stop hating abeg. Nigerians can be very unsupportive sometimes.

  5. i wonder why Nigeria fine girl don't come out for such pea-gent , for real this girl Odalonu Ngozi is not a fine girl she look timid look at her knee OM Gosh i am vomiting God save me , i have to go now ,she look like a hustler in Page Nite club Opebi Ikeja lagos

  6. Walahi this girl is doesnt deserve to be miss niger delta talk more of lagos before calling nigeria.

    in nigeria everything is base on compensation thats all i see here… she dragged 9ja name to the mud

  7. WTH! How did this girl get the crown? With all the pretty looking girls in Naija…A beg, there must have been IM in the decision jare.

  8. WOW! These comments are horrible. The reality is every pretty girl is not qualified for a pageant. What the judges are seeking is an entire package not just who looks the best. Also she is not a horrible looking girl. If you have someone you think is better then help them to get on her level. They need to start participating in pageant. Plus think about people's perception of beauty. We all define it differently. Think clearly people.

  9. mst pple tink modelling is a childs play,bt i tell u pple,4 dis gal 2 reach dis stage i gve her hand.if u tink u cn do it,den start practicing nd step up 2 c hw it feels.jst lik tyra bank said,modelling is a painful career,@dsame time is fun.do u knw wat it is?go try it nd c.who wears d shoe,knws where it hurts.

  10. shes cool nd gd 2 go.dis modelling wrld is nt fun bt hard wrk,jst lik tyra bank said,modelling is a painfull world,bt @dsame time is fun.go nd try it pple b4 u strt criticising sme 1 who has gne 2 dis stage

  11. All those that are hating, you should send your sister to the pageant to be compensated for how ugly they look.

  12. I think she’s ☺k, I mean, she got the qualities that’s why she made top 20. She try abeg. Not easy to get there.

  13. BRAVO!to u Ngozi u really tried.its not easy to get there.hey common guys,it not just the beauty outside but d beauty inside.AM HAPPY FOR HER.

  14. she is ok but seriously there pple out there better dan she is.bt pageants are not alwayz beauty sometyms.best of luck.lyuf is all abt luck.dats are good luck.i rejoice with u dear.cheers

  15. d truth is silverbird does nt chose d mst beautiful even frm prelim auditions. dy jst chose d ones dt cn suck d bruce brothers dick vry well esp Guy or d gal dat has d mst connections tru runs. i knw cos i used 2 work wit dem. so sori o! til al dxe shit stops, no international crown is comin 2 nigeria.

  16. Ngoo I just saw this am very happy for you. I knew when all this started right from ur secondly skool. you really work for this. I knew many will talk but neva mind ok. am very happy for. you started all this at okoko. nd 2day God has done it for you. am happy to see you pics as miss nija. missed you all. nija ppl we should encourage our stars ok. if u think is so easy sponsor ur sis or gf to be miss ajagunle or oshodi even miss mushin u can start from there. one love nija ppl.