Cossy Orjiakor New Sexy Pics


Cossy Orjiakor no dey play ooo.. Check out her new ultra sexy pics.







Pics via Linda Ikeji’s blog.

  • lukman `

    o boy, she could come completely nude, before she will say she is a virgin

  • Nigeria Music Moveme

    Haba … D Bobbi is even bigger in dis photo … r u sure this is not photoshop.

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  • truth

    Does she have parents?

    • Ama

      no she fell from the sky!


      wetin u dey find for here?

      pretender oshi!

  • BombaKlatt

    ….well her bobby na fake…and she no get yansh…$3 ho..

    • Ama

      if she aint got stuff, u wouldnt be here staring at it.


  • leesah

    wow,dis woman is daring,this isnt Nigerian.Pls babes just a tinge of decency will do.


      Well, Well, Well………….. Not sure what she is trying to accomplish with these photos… NOT A GOOD LOOK!!!

      But as per all you guys comment saying this is not NIGERIAN??? What the heck does that mean???? There are $3 sluts all over lagos and so called GOOD GIRLS prentending to be the right type, Cossy or whatever her freaking name is is just open with hers..:)


    • Ama



      what are u doing on this site if u are decent.


  • sifushka

    The only thing I have to say about this has-been wannabe-chick is…EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW!

    • Ama

      push over fag!

  • TAG

    How is this sexy? Exposing your entire body is not sexy…it just means SEX. I weak.

  • Cy

    Mehn..ur nt sexy..d boobs just makes u look stupid…its not sexy at all..dont think you're sexy either…Just take dat boobs off honey!

  • ibksure

    pls baby, i am sure you are married now. and if not, pls, hook up now before it is too late. well, you are truly beautiful and charming too. mind you, i am interested in ur hapiness and success too. pls, you need someone in your life to sweeten you up.

  • ibksure

    i love 2 talk 2 you some day. thanks

  • hot stuff

    No hard feelings..but who really cares about this lousy chic?

    • SADE


      • Ama

        bless u Shade!

    • Ama

      hot stuff, weak dick!

      what the hell are u doing on this site if not that u want to feast ur eyes on her boobs.


  • kingcater

    u just hooot hope i kan fuck u….

  • marvin

    u re so cute……… wow look at those boobs, driving me crazy.

  • Bobby Kings Asian Ni

    Fuck This damn Bitch. Its Hos like that who smear our image abroad. Fucking a dog is just as nasty as eating ur shit straight from ur white porcelain WC. Cut this pics off site and give some of us abraod some nice Nigerian name. LONG LIVE NIGERIA!!!!!!

    • Ama

      Bobby Kings,

      am sure u've neva hear about computer magic!

      and for claiming to be a saint, wat the hell are u doing on this site.


  • Big Boss

    dats jst her life.. Heaven or hell dats her own choice.. So stop makin comment out of nothing. Many of u wil still wanna sleep wit if given the chance yet u r 1st 2 throw stone.

    • Bobby Kings Asian Ni

      I don't 4ck wit no ho. I got a sexy white wife too so i don't 4ck around. Just like u said it's her life & i don't give a hoot bout that. No wahala..

    • Ama

      bless u big bross for telling these hypocrites the truth!

  • guarantorharfo

    Just give me a chance to fuck u as that dog did .

  • ganja

    na waoh.. i think if she can surrender herself.. i can fuck her better than she thougt

  • young kel

    i pray make i see this girl one day no be person go tell her hole

  • Joseman

    Fucking Whore, i hate people who don't care just to make name. May God forgive her only if she had realized what she has done on earth.

    fucking whore, smelling pussy.

    repent and Lord saves u.

    • Ama

      impotent hegoat,

      you are preaching after feasting ur eyes on her boobs.

      no be ya finger you take type before u reach here?


  • shutz

    Ah ahn …u guys should give the girl a break joo. Many people are calling her a whore like u haven't done anything bad in ur life. Just stop being hypocrites and judging. She is a beautiful woman. Her values may not be your so let her be. I'm a woman by the way and I'm no lesbian. Don't even let me get started on the person that is writing "Long live Nigeria" …

    • Ama

      bless u Shutz!

  • Joseman

    hI shutz,

    i saw a video on youtube featuring her and a dog (sexual explicit indicated) and that is too bad to see, to say less a woman and a dog, horrible. dats why i say she should repent and beg for forgiveness or do you like what she doing, please i need your comment and i will reply u.

    • shutz


      The thing you saw on youtube is "acting". That was a movie, and should absolutely not be a ground for people to measure her quality. She was with a dog ( she did not even have sex with the dog. it was a pretense)…she was acting what was real in the Nigerian community then. People should look at the big picture, she was telling it as it was. Now that movie may have been a huge influence for the govt. to understand and try to stop human trafficking, Someone has got to play that part. She did. What she did was not horrible;what she did took guts. She was heavily criticized for it, and this lady went into hiding for a long time not minding acting was her career. For these her new pics,…. i don't have to like it, she obviously does like them, feels good with her body. If her parents cannot talk to her or she cannot talk to herself, i don't think anyone can. Its her body, her values, and her beliefs. It does not matter if no one elses fit hers.

    • Ama


      which century u dey live.

      havent you heard about computer magic?


  • kel

    o boy see booby

  • Opi Agu

    Baby i feel u,dont mind peoples better things no dey last.i hope to meet u one day,all this boobs is this for realy??? if it is real carri on that was God gift.

  • kenneth chukwuma A.k

    cossy u are really a cute only that boobs alone makes to me masturbate.

    please come and breast feed me with that ur lovely boobs i love those boobs of urs is a confidential bobby……….keep it up cozzy u are really an angel

  • Onome

    The last writer is right

  • Mohammed Fadayiro

    I dey enjoy d Babeee jooo any time.Full Stop

  • chrys

    i want to fuck that boobs

  • wiselove

    girl no mind what people say just do your thing,cos wether good or bad talk is cheap they will still talk and wo’nt stop until you are your life cossy

  • vincent charles

    cossy, you are too much. only your boobby make me go crazy. cossy are you married. i need your numba. i like too be your friend. bye for now babe……

  • dejavu

    you guys are too good to be true…..i am the only one she can give the opprtunity to do that

  • Chykoko

    Hmm! Dis 1 na breastfeeding moda.

  • Lateef

    No be small thing at all later u go hear say he sleep with LION.

    • Ama

      and also ya papa!

  • dammyie 14

    i think she shuld enlarge d boobs

  • Damzy

    Meen….ur pikin go enjoy o……

  • henryclay

    anyway she is trying to be on top of her game ,in fact i like her way of professionand anticulation

  • Friday

    they are only bn jelours. wat of people wit big dick. or is it bcos their own is hidden?

  • ayo

    please, give me a chance to suck u once, am ok.

  • Igwe Collins

    Wow!!! This is wonderment!!!

  • Onome

    This so called woman is a disgraced to womanhood and a decadence to good societal morals.

    • Ama

      she invite u come?

      wetin u find come here?

      if no be say na lesbo u be!

  • ugobhukwu

    she does not appreciate God for bringing her into existence .

  • MAF

    Her pse is the people that cares to enjoy good things

  • Val “E”

    Weda she slept wit dog or cow,is it ur bus.?.Abi u too want taste it.Cossy,u re realy sexy & stunning.Stairing @ ur boobs alone takes me 2 anoda world.I just wish 2 suck ur nipples & highjark ur ass one day.Just need ur contacts.Be cool gal!.

  • Famous idemudia

    Cossy,everyone dat want 2 fuck ur dog ass are only making mockery of make more shit and destroy ur future miss whore.

  • OGOO


    • wisdomgreat

      you right bro

    • Ama

      wetin u dey find here if no be say u wan f**k am?

      she give u money to come browse am?

  • franklin

    i just dont know what to say!!!!lolzz

  • nesta

    hi cossy,u're my heart desire.just give me a chance to show u how much i care.

  • nesta

    babe,with u alone,our baby will not lack milk.

  • Goodness

    cossy these guys are leading u to your grave, repent and give your live 2 jesus and he will guid u.

    • Ama

      wetin u urself dey find for here?

  • Evadiamond

    All i can say is judge not so that u may not be judged.

  • Mjstyvns

    Guys,guys leave d poor girl alone. Judge not that u may not be judged. Leave her to her conscience and fate.

    • Ama

      bless u

  • Drey

    Cossy is a fool she’s just been stupid with all this trash she should wisen up at least and not be dumb give your life to who loves you you are not married at your age idiot

    • Ama

      see u,

      she cry come meet you say im neva marry?

      if ur babe boobs sweet pass im own,

      wetin u dey find for here.


  • Abiodun

    She is a fool

    • Ama

      pastor Abiodun, you are a worse fool.

      wat r you doing here,

      if no be say u sef come look her bobby!

      impotent freak!

  • jers

    @onome she cnt be a disgrace den wA̶̲̥̅̊t bout american porn actress…aw cme Ʊ re nt mockin dem..—abeg cosy ur boobs are d bst i really wanna hold em ąπϑ suck dem dry ąπϑ fuck dem one day. ; )

  • Lateef

    Cossy i feel like cossing u mad lady wowo girl.

  • Latex

    Cossy i feel like cossing u mad lady wowo girl. She no dey shame.

    • Ama

      go dive rock oh!

      latex condom pretender.

      u look her breast for free com they curse am.

      wetin u dey find for here

  • Eddy

    Hw i wish u wil allow me suck hell out of dose boobs of urs.

  • A j

    My dear am nt a critics bt i wl only tel u wat i wl tl my sis.nd frnd pls wit dis nonchallant attitude of urs u re only heading 2 doom.av a rethink nd ur future wl be safeguided.what is fame without dignity? C hw every body in dis site is insulting u even dos dat wl cal u anty re al sayin rubbish about u my dear lif is nt wat it seems lyk i dnt care attitude wnt do u any gud u av 2 care cos wat pple say abt u matas alot. Nd 4 pple calin her names GOD wl judge us al tanx dear nd remain blessed. Ada 4rm awka

    • Ama

      Aunty Ada, she is beta off than a lotof those that do theirs in secret.

      let the world say wateva dey wanna!

  • peaceout

    i think evry1 has spoke wot is in his or her mind. this girl, Dis girl God can stil save her. I think dat harlot woman in d scripture did more than wot cossy did, Bot depise al dis, Jesus saved her. So there is nobody Jesus can not save

    • Ama

      bless u Peaceout,.

  • tboy

    Y! crucify Cossy over wat she luvs doing, is she not better than a begger on d streets of VI,IKEJA,IKOYI, OJUELEGBA etc….wen u lik wat u see,appr8t it n stop pretending Nigerians.all dis comments r 2 fake n unrealistic

    • Ama

      may God bless u Tboy!

  • Manosky

    As for me, d girl may not be as bad as people think cos there are many girls who may not be displaying like her but they do worse things. But the truth is dat one thing i think she is not doing right is dat exposing of her nakedness cos that may lead many to sin

    • Ama

      if they dont want ot be led to sin, then they should stop looking at her pics. SHIKENA!

  • David

    Babe you are too much

  • The true one

    Well cossy should change her ways.buh cum 2 tink of it angelina jolie,sharon stone dese highly respected women have been fucked in various movies yet ppl lyk dem.dey are even celebrated by d way she did not have sex with a was just FILM TRICK .i read an interview of her she seemed 2 lyk wat she is doing.just pray 4 her if u love her.

  • Lekan

    I luv to join u

  • saif

    i jst want fuck you

  • slimmielarry

    she is just doing wat she can do best

    • Ama

      pls tell them!

  • Teslim tessyfinest oslim

    Pls im nt here tn judge and im nt here to support u,pls limit d way u xpose ur self and 4 dose dat are abusing dey are all foolish pple bcos most of dem stil fornicate and comit adultery,dey jst dey run their mouth bcos if u gve dem a chance dey wil sleep wit u so,U KNW WAT GOD LIKE,LIMIT D XPOSING PLS I’D REALY APRECIATE U TANKS…LOVE U

    • Ama

      thanks for making sense.

      ur the only down to earth person here.

  • Gizealhandsome

    Only ur boobs don make me release,world sexiest celeb,madly want to meet u n hav ur contact.

  • Osan

    She needs to luk inward and know her purpose of creation.

  • Osan

    She needs to luk inward and know the purpose of creation.

  • Desmond

    Baby i gbadun u

  • Rosemary Boateng Adjekum

    Pls Cossy respect what the Lord has given to u ok…

    • Ama

      jealous pimpled boobs!

  • Km

    nna men tanks for makin me to wank

  • http://e-mail stine 05

    cossy u are d best gba be joo wit ur gifted juice, just want 2 hav a taste

  • jay


    • Ama

      fucking hypocrite u are Jay!

      after feasting your eyes on her boobs and probably jerking ur self off, ur now posting Bible verses.
      if u claim to be so Holy, what the hell are you doing here blogging.
      pretender oshi.

  • ade

    you are not showing any nipples. Why?

  • Oko omoge

    COssy,i get aroused wit ur boobs,let me fuck,suck & play wit d nipples abeg.i can even suck ur pussy i ddnt care.if u can b ma girl,i ll realy change u 4best.sure.i dey ‘texas’now!

  • d luv man

    oh shes rli made by God, hw i wish she invit me serious deal. Cossy o cary go jooo.

  • Fabulous

    cossy u're d boom gosh i lov to have a taste of endowed juices tits girl u are awesome

  • Trench

    Our own Coco Austin.

  • chi money

    Cossy is Naija's Coco Austin. Guys, don't hate pls

  • Olojay

    Ur boy friend dumped u sure he’s the only one sucking those tits.

  • hemmy

    As for me i like her for one thing which is boldness

  • chuby

    all u oversabe commenters,u all don't have sense,see the way u all are insulting someone who does wat she enjoys,those who instigate are the worst of them all,u people pretend alot, u call urself christains and u curse like hell, even if she is doing something not really gud,she is enjoying herself,so let her be, it is not because we don't see ur face or know wat u have been up to.u liars,hypocrite,pretenders all go suck her pussy.peace

  • tobby

    y people no dey try close dem mouth.i beg

  • Bianca

    Cossy my dick is hard 4 u,i wnt 2 fil and suck ur big breasts,i wnt 2 suck ur wet and temptn pusy.CANT Wait 2 fuck horny 4 u.

  • chyna.

    Your just a PIG! I can hear you smell from here!!!



  • aosilama

    Men this Cossy is crazy see how she exposed her boobs i am not sure she has parents

  • sexy slimz

    UN@ |\|0 oooo go kil person 4 dis blog….ciiiii as uN@ D()E()Y kill U̶̲̥̅̊r selvs ova cossy orjiakor…..|\/|åå cousin…n̶̲̥̅̊åå wa ‎​ Oº°˚ ˚°º ….kip |||t up…((|’m)) enjoyn D|||| D|||| insults

  • nikki

    seems u guys are all criticizers,gossips nd so dumb…u’re accusin her ov avin sex wif a dog,didnt u watch d whole movie??or avnt u seen more dan dat in foreign movies….we all knw it aint real,but just wanna ave sumfin 2 gossip about……..start condemnin ppl,nd u’l b d next 2 b condemned……let her do whateva she likes wif her life…it aint urs…..nt supportin dat outfit tho……..*bunch ov gossips*

  • Hot ice

    Wow!!&@%“&‘6#*$,% Gorgeous twinz dia. No ofence d body is d templ o GOD. So it shdnt b xposd? i dnt c wia it waz ritin dat pat of d boobs or pat of d limbs shdnt b xposd.if dis ‘s d case y do yal leave ur faces legs or hnds xposd r dey nt pat of d templ.dres lyk lagbaja so u can b totaly un xposd. In fact 44444uck ya all u critisize dis endwd b#tch who‘s trina make it

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  • samuel

    i like u an i wan u

  • abbas

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  • malex

    Na wa Oº°˚˚°º no body even praise her small, dear cossy U̶̲̥̅̊ try joh, keep it up

  • martins

    while r u treating urself dis way

  • Shitty!

    Why all this people preaching and hallaring she dont have manners she dont parents, she needs God and so on… Stop following her then. She’s making use of what she got and if you ain’t loving it why follow, look all her pics, admire her boobs and later say she need repentance.
    Go ahead girl i luv the way you get down. U and I in that pink/blue bedroom, First person to retreat when the tools burst!!

  • Wisdom

    Cossy Baby, you are wonderful. no matter what anyone says, you are one in a million. The fact that you are real makes the difference, no pretense, no faking, just your real self, makes you adorable. You are beautiful and sexy in all standard. Will like to meet you: 08032658179. keep it up.

  • ciroma

    This girl has no moral values if it is in zamfara she would be stone to death. I pity her children. Shamless whore

  • Emmanuel

    She did what most of us do behind the cottons!

  • Decency

    That’s it. She acted lewd…………….ok!

  • Anne

    My dear cossy, u re jst lyk a sister… I won’t insult u cos am a gul. Bt i will tell d pple who re praising u here are all guys… Their own is to funk and live. Ma dear am nt holy. Bt i tell u, u shudnt expose urselve all bcos u wnt the buck.. Try an c dat u re a woman… Wat wud u lyk 2 tell ur children? And 4 Ama, I’ve seen all d tinz u’ve bin blabbing. Jst answer dis question… CAN U SHOW URSEF OUT LIKE DAT!!!!