Jim Iyke – Who Am I? feat. 2face (Video)


Jim Iyke is definitely not concerned with what everyone is saying about his song “Who Am I?”…. He’s done a video for it, and it looks like he’ll be releasing his album pretty soon. Check it out.

Jim Iyke & 2face
Jim Iyke & 2face

  • uwa

    I didnt hear the violin at all. was she just posing or what?

  • gbite


  • Aribaba

    I still can't get over that fact that this song was actually recorded and released….*sigh*.

  • Ms_Fade

    WTF was he sayin? After watchin a whole video, i still dont know WHO U ARE!!! LOL!!!

  • Licious

    LWKM!….na wa oo! Its about time I released my own track!

  • JayD

    Just imagine! It's nt enuf dt he's always a cursing and swearing junkie in his movies, he's also got 2 b one in real life. So sick!

  • Tim

    are u serious????? oh my god! tuface don finish! wtf is this? LWKMD!! "Apple of the earth"?? "Im the sunshine of the moon"?? Somebody should have told thing guy nau! This is wickedness!

  • lin

    Oh my, very disappointing! Tuface with Jim Iyke? Na! This is the peak of it and beginning of a bad reputation for tuface! I could barely hear a word of what JI said! I wouldn’t listen to this music a second time, not for anything in the world!

  • http://naijapals.com MK

    lmao….is it compulsory all nollywood actors shud sing?? Waste of money!

  • Sanka

    This dude sounds like a drowning dog…what a hideous song! He shld stick to what he pitifuly does…acting!

    P/S: Tuface why wld you risk your career featuring alongside this buffon?

  • fuckface

    OH MY GEE!!!….wot da hell was he thinkin?,…..i mean JI wot da hell did u drink?……DANG!

  • onyi n cynthia

    Blame this on the alcohol. Pls stick to the acting or better improve the acting skill. LMAO